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Kaspersky Anti-virus and Internet Security is by far the best anti-virus available in present market. If you are a user who is anxious to protect your PC or laptop from both online and offline threats, choose Kaspersky Anti-virus or Kaspersky Internet security. The choice between Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV) or Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) depends upon users aptitude. These latest Kaspersky software inherits all the good features of the previous versions and has some added features to it.

Kaspersky Antivirus features include
  • Updated files option,
  • Advanced damage clean-up,
  • Proactive defense module,
  • HTTP traffic checking,
  • TheBat! plugins,
  • Anti-Rootkit technology,
  • E-Mail IMAP and NNTP protocol checking support,
  • Registry Monitor with preinstalled and updatable database and many more.

Kaspersky Antivirus protects your system from malware, spyware, hacking attempts and many other PC threats. KIS monitores the internet usage and gives us a warning when we are redirected to a untrusted site with the possibility of virus infection. the latest version have an improved Graphical User Interface (GUI) feature and also a new generation rootkit scan feature is also added. The size of this software is around 65 MB. try this Antivirus and feel the difference!!!