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WinRAR Password Recover/Remover is used to recover lost passwords for the 2.xx and 3.xx versions of WinRAR. Some files we download from the internet will be password protected RAR files. In certain cases the password of those files will be missing. This leads to a situation where we cant open or access a file, which intend to be very important to us. WinRAR Password Recover/Remover comes to our rescue in that situations. We can easily remove those password by using this software and can access those files. Another situation is that we have made a file using RAR password protected feature and we actually forget that password. Here also we can use WinRAR Password recover Remover.

WinRAR Password Recover/Remover has these following attractive features
  • Uses the Brute-Force and Booost-Up or Dictionary based attack,
  • Tremendeous speed in recovering passwords,
  • Extremely user friendly software,
  • Large word list dictionary,
  • Uses Advanced heuristic processor
  • Auto save feature included and more.
WinRAR Password Recover/Remover's advanced heuristic processor methodolgy hepls in high speed password recovery. WinRAR Password Recover/Remover software is almost 8 MB in size.