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Swiftshader is the world's fastest 3D rendering software with DirectX® 9.0 class features. The most noticable features of this high quality software include : it supports advanced graphics such as Shader Model 2.0, predication, floating point rendering, stenciling etc. In comparison with Microsoft's Direct3D®, Swiftshader performs 50 to 100 times faster. With Swiftshader, the game graphics get improved by an enormous amount. SwiftShader provides the same APIs that developers are already using for their games and applications and this helps in directly integrating SwiftShader into applications without any changes to the source code. Swiftshader v2.01 latest full version is of 880 KB in size.

System Requirements :

* x86 CPU, SSE support recommended
* Basic 2D video card - no 3D card necessary!
* Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows 200
0, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
* 128 MB RAM
* 25 MB free hard disk space

Swiftshader uses the multiple CPU core for the process of software rendering. But it should be kept in mind that, for now, swiftshader is configured for single processor multi-core configurations due to the problem caused by the inter-core bandwidth phenomenon.